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siempre latiendo


Sunday, April 9th, 2023
Open: 15:00 / Starts: 15:30

Nishitetsu Hall

A next-generation Tango show that combines Dance, Music and Images.

Sakura Tango Festival’s special program “Dance x Music x Images Tango show” will charm the audience with a variety of themes.

The connection between Tango and Japan is more than 100 years. That said, there are various Japanese musicians that have accomplish exceptional achievements in the world of tango.

Among the musicians who have boldly challenged foreign music, 4 professional people with wonderful careers-Natsuki Nishihara (bandoneon player), Moeri Kobayashi (pianist), Sumire Hirotsuru (violinist) and Toshitaka Ono (contrabass player) have come together for this Sakura Tango Festival.

Natsuki Nishihara was the person that recommended this spectacular formation. She is also one of Japan's leading musicians and has been getting attention in Buenos Aires, where female bandoneon players are still rare in the world today.

In this tango show, the world of tango, which continues to evolve and innovate, will be presented by next-generation artists who are active on the world stage. Enjoy tango magic from classic tango to contemporary expressions through each scene!


Musicians & Dancers


Moeri Kobayashi (pianist) / Sumire Hirotsuru (violinist)
Toshitaka Ono (contrabass) / Natsuki Nishihara (bandoneon)

SAKURA TANGO ENSEMBLE is a quartet formed especially for this festival of four promising musicians of the same generation who are expanding their activities in Buenos Aires, the United States, Europe and Japan.

Diego Valero &
Delfina Pissani

Diego Valero is considered by the public as an energetic and musical dancer. Stripped of public interests, from the beginning in the arts -his childhood- he pursues paths of conscious knowledge and free will. He has established himself as the winner of different theater, tango and Argentine folklore tournaments. He is appreciated as a instructor for his simplicity and pedagogical clarity when teaching the techniques. We could then conclude that he is an artist who has been consumed over the years as a great instructor, dancer and choreographer.

Delfina Pissani is a instructorinstructor, choreographer and tango dancer. She, in turn, has trained professionally in other branches of dance and art such as classical, contemporary, Argentine folklore and theater, capturing celebrated works within each discipline. She stands out for her presence and scenic power when performing an artistic act. She has toured within her country Argentina, South America and Europe. Her challenge is to continue undertaking projects that generate new learning and thus nourish herself from the infinite path that movement and stage productions generate.

Cristian Lopez &
Naoko Tsutsumizaki

They began their activities as a couple since 2008. For the fourth consecutive year from 2009 to 2012, they were finalists in the Salon Tango and Stage Tango categories of the world championship.
Since 2013 they returned to Tokyo and in June 2015 they founded the Tango Salon "Buenos Aires" in Minami Aoyama.
Recently, they have performed in musicals and concerts by former Takarazuka stars, and are also working as a choreographer.

[ Awards ]
• 2008: Second place of the Salon Tango and Stage Tango category of the Open Dance Tango Championship in Japan.
• 2009: Champions of the Salon Tango category of the World Championship of Argentine Tango in Asia.
• 2009: 3rd place of the Stage Tango category of the World Championship.
• 2010: 3rd place of the stage and Salon Tango category of the World Championship.
• 2012: Champions of Metropolitano MILONGUEROS DEL MUNDO.

Ernesto Suter &
Paola Klinger

Ernesto Suter & Paola Klinger have been dancing together since the year 2000 .
They are ‘porteños’, they were born and raised in Buenos Aires.
They have learned from the most recognized teachers and milongueros.
They joined to ACETA in 2006 (Argentine Tango Styles Academy) and studied from many different milongueros, teachers and choreographers for one year, ‘Negro’ Portalea, ‘Pupi’ Castello, ‘Chino’ Perico, ‘El Turco’ José Carlos & Maria Rivarola, Gabriel Angio & Natalia Gámez, Leonardo Cuello, among others.

Shows and demos at most important milongas in Buenos Aires, Sunderland Club, Viejo Correo, Salon Canning, Parakultural, La Baldosa, Sin Rumbo, Club Pedro Echague, among others.
Shows at ‘Casas de Tango’ in Buenos Aires, group and soloist dance. Viejo Almacén, La Ventana, Bocca Tango. Argentinisima Show at Teatro Broadway in Argentina.
Dance couple Finalist in ‘Campeonato Metropolitano’ and ‘Campeonato Mundial’, 2006 & 2007.
They have visited, to teach and dance, several cities in Argentina, United States, Europe & Asia.
- Show at Casa Casuarina (Versace Mansion) in Miami, -Sucre Theatre in Quito, -Primavera Tango Festival in Seoul, -Gala Tango Night in Moscow, among many others.
They are Tango lovers, enjoying Tango Salon and Stage too, feeling Tango not only as a dance but as a lifestyle.

Shinji & Natsune

Shinji lived in Argentina, the home of tango, for more than five years to learn from various Maestros. Also, Natsune started learning Argentinian Tango in her teens. They started working together in 2014. They are both musicians as well as dancers. Shinji is a Tango guitarist and Natsune is a Jazz singer. Their CDs are on sale, and their particular style of music has earned a good reputation. They have performed and run workshops inside and outside Japan. They are getting noticed and have recently been awarded prizes in the competitions listed below.

• In 2015, they were runners up in the “Salon Championship of Tango Marathon” in Tokyo.
• In 2016, they came 4th in the Stage section of the “Tango World Championship” in Korea.
• In 2016, they came 3rd in the Milonga section, and 4th in the Vals section of the “Metropolitan Championship” in Korea.

Leonel & Florencia

Florencia and Leonel are pioneers of the Seoul tango community, having started teaching there since 2005. They organized the annual Seoul Tango Festival for 11 years, which brought many maestros and foreign visitors to Korea. Florencia studied ballet in college. She was a professional performer in musicals for 8 years. In 2004, in the Mundial in Buenos Aires, she won second prize in the stage section. Leonel is originally from Hong Kong. He lived in the US and won first prize at the 2002 USA Tango Championship. Leonel & Florencia have been invited to teach and perform in many cities in Korea and abroad.

Florencia Dominguez

(Arabian dancer)

She studied at the Aisha Dance Academy in Rosario and the Arabian Dance Academy directed by Saida, and acquired an instructor license.
She has studied with Dariya mitskevych, Tito Seif, Amir Thaleb, Saida Helou, Diva Darina, Marta Korzum, Safia, Shahdana, Julieta Dichiara, David Abraham.
She is a former dancer belonging to Aisha's Syrianas al Ruh Ballet Company.
She teaches and choreographs at dance academies in Rosario and Santa Fe, including Aisha Dance Academy and Natalia Mezzavilla's BCM Estudio.

Alfonzo Craviotto

(Guest Singer)

Coming soon.

Illustration by

Romina Pernigotte

For this show, Romina Pernigotte, a visual artist and tango dancer, has offered us to use her two works entitled "Abrazo" and "Distancia" from the series "Nuevas Narrativas Tangueras".
Her works from "Nuevas Narrativas Tangueras" will be exhibited in two places where the 8th SAKURA TANGO FESTIVAL is held from April 6 to 9, 2023.


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Nishitetsu Hall

Venue & Access

Nishitetsu Hall

6º SOLARIA STAGE, 2-11-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001

 Located in Tenjin, the center of Fukuoka city.
Direct access from NISHITETSU BUS CENTER and NISHITETSU FUKUOKA (TENJIN) train station.

General Information

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- siempre latiendo -

Sunday, April 9th, 2023. (Open: 15:00 / Show starts: 15:30)
Nishitetsu Hall (6º SOLARIA STAGE, 2-11-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001)
NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano
Nishitetsu Hall
Supported by
Embassy of Argentina in Japan



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This performance is the special project of the 8th Sakura Tango Festival and held from April 6th to 9th, 2023 organized by NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano.

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