Gardel's song that resonates around the world
A feat achieved by an immigrant without a name


Lejana Tierra Mía


Sunday, March 24th, 2024
Open: 14:30 / Starts: 15:00

Nishitetsu Hall

Latin Grammy Award Nominated (2016)
Tango show with Carlos Gardel's gem number sung by Leonardo Pastore

"Each porteño carries a Gardel in himself"

Approximately 100 years ago, in an era before social media, the singing voice of a young immigrant man who came to Buenos Aires with his poor, unmarried mother crossed borders and continents, captivating people all over the world.
His name is Carlos Gardel.

Gardel established the world of singing in tango music, which at the time was only an accompaniment to dance, and developed it into sung tango. His reputation for his captivating voice, outstanding style, and singing expression quickly spread to the Hollywood film industry, where he appeared in numerous productions as an actor and sang. His popularity has skyrocketed due to his singing ability and elegant, second-class appearance. He traveled all over the world for concert tours and photo shoots, and even after returning home, he immediately flew overseas, earning him the nickname "The Great Migratory Bird."

However, in 1935, at the height of his popularity, Gardel was killed in a plane crash while returning to his hometown of Argentina after filming a movie in New York. Buenos Aires was in mourning, Paris was in silence, and his week-long wake was held in New York. He was so loved that his flamboyant appearance interacting with celebrities such as Chaplin and Frank Sinatra was a symbol of "success" and an aspiration for immigrants who came to a new world with dreams.

His achievements in establishing tango as a genre of music are great. However, what is even more remarkable is that Gardel's songs, incorporating new phrases, slang, lifestyle habits, and values, became a new culture and laid the cultural foundations for Argentina's national identity.

This seventh performance will feature tango singer Leonardo Pastore and pianist and music director Hernán Malagoli as special guests from Buenos Aires, along with up-and-coming musicians living in Fukuoka and tango dancers active in Japan and abroad, as well as Carlos Gardel. We will perform a stage that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time to the golden age of tango.



Special Guests from Argentina

Leonardo Pastore

(Main Singer)

He is an Argentine lyrical tango singer.
At the age of eight he was already singing tangos, milongas, waltzes, boleros, Argentine folklore and, since then, he has not stopped producing popular hits, performing before various audiences throughout the country. Over time he became a tenor and was the protagonist of the most important operas of the lyrical repertoire and countless concerts.
His repertoire as a popular singer is very broad and includes around 700 popular songs by different authors and composers such as Yupanqui, Gardel, Piazzolla, among others, in addition to the famous songs and boleros by Agustín Lara, María Grever or the Italian and Neapolitan repertoire so spread by the great voices of the world.
In opera he is the protagonist of titles such as Faust, Werther, Rigoletto, Tosca, La Boheme, La Traviata, Elixir de amor, Pagliacci, Lucia di lammermoor and Cuentos de Hoffmann among others, singing in important theaters in Argentina and abroad.
Leon Gieco, who upon hearing him the first time felt that he was close to Gardel and assures that after the Morocho del Abasto and Mercedes Sosa, Leonardo is the best singer he has ever heard in his life.
Together with León as artistic producer, in 2015 he released an album dedicated to Carlos Gardel, re-versioning his original musical arrangements. In 2016, Leonardo Pastore was nominated with this album “Carlos Gardel Original” in the “Best Tango Album” category for the seventeenth edition of the Latin Grammy Awards.

Hernán Malagoli

(Piano/Music Director)

Argentine musician. He studied piano, composition and orchestration at the “Alberto Ginastera” Conservatory, Morón, Buenos Aires. He worked on the musicalization of various plays, documentaries and short films.
Together with the tenor Leonardo Pastore they presented the concert “Canciones Memorables” in provinces such as La Pampa, Neuquén, Córdoba, Rio Negro and the interior of Buenos Aires such as Tandil, Bragado, Junín, Ascensión, Mar del Plata, San Antonio de Areco, etc. He also participated in Pastore's album “Recordtamos”, a tribute to Alfredo Zitarrosa in which he participated as a music producer, pianist and arranger, presented in Argentina and Uruguay. Together they traveled to Ecuador, for a tribute to Mercedes Sosa, sharing the stage with León Gieco, Víctor Heredia and Piero; and then for a month-long tour, providing orchestral arrangements, orchestral direction and performance as pianist.
He participated as a pianist and in the collaboration of the transcription of the arrangements of the new album by Leonardo Pastore titled “Carlos Gardel original” which was part of a special on Public TV and obtained the nomination for the “Latin Grammy” presenting it in Argentina and Ecuador . They participated in Art for Peace invited by León Gieco, whom he accompanied along with Ligia Piro at the ND Teatro. He also accompanied the singer Marcelo Pastore at Luna Park. Together with Leonardo Pastore and the soprano Andrea Schor they performed at various stages in the country, including the Teatro Colón in Mar del Plata, at the “Septiembre Musical” in Tucumán and the Audi Lounge spaces in Cariló and Bs As.
He is currently working on projects for new recording materials as an artistic producer and performer; and together with Leonardo Pastore working on pre-production for his European tour in April of this year.

Yukie Kawanami

Born in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture. He is the winner of the 1st Che Bandoneon World Championship. She entered Tokyo College of Music from the Fukuoka Jogakuin Music Department. She studied piano, her major, at university, and learned the bandoneon outside of school. She met Eri Watanabe, a playwright and actress, and she appeared on the stage play ``Ribon.'' Since then, she has co-starred with Hideki Saijo, Kenji Sawada, Tsurube Shofutei, and Tsuyoshi Ukaji. She also appeared in ``Untitled Concert'' and ``New Window Open Kyushu.'' In the summer of 2020, she formed "Tango Three Sisters +" in her hometown of Fukuoka. In the summer of 2021, she won first place in the ensemble category at the "Astor Piazzolla International Music Competition Kanoha Torani 2021" held in Italy.

Toshitaka Ono

Born in Fukuoka City in 1990. He started playing the piano as a child and the double bass at the age of 13.
He graduated from Fukuoka Daiichi High School's music department. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, double bass department in 2013.
He studied under Katsuki Yoshiura, Yoshio Nagashima, Shinji Nishiyama, Saku Kimura, and Neil Swainson.
In 2013, he returned home. He is currently active in many fields including classical music, jazz, and tango.
He also puts effort into teaching the brass band.
He is a double bass instructor at Wako Music Academy.

Sakura Matsumoto

Born in Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture. She started playing the violin at the age of 3. She graduated from the Faculty of Music at Tokyo University of the Arts. She won 2nd place at the 59th All Japan Student Music Competition in Fukuoka. She won the gold medal at the 31st High School Music Competition in Kyushu. She won the 22nd Fukuoka Prefecture Cultural Award with the Acros String Orchestra. Performed with the Kyushu Symphony Orchestra at the 2015 Oga Pharmacy Christmas Concert.
In 2020, they formed "Tango Three Sisters+" and won the grand prize at the Astor Piazzolla International Music Competition Torani 2021. Currently, he performs in various places including solo, chamber music, and guest performances with orchestras. She is a member of the Acros String Orchestra and the Nagasaki OMURA Chamber Ensemble.

Guest singer : Kaori Orita

Kaori Orita traveled to Buenos Aires for the first time in 2014. At that time, she fell in love with tango as music while dancing in a milonga, and decided to become a tango singer. And with a lot of passion and with nothing she returned to Argentina.
In 2019, she is a finalist in the Boedo Tango Festival and 3rd place in the Flores Tango Festival, neighborhoods of Capital Federal.
In 2020 she obtained 5th place in “Cantá en el Festival” which is part of the Tango World Cup.
In 2021 she began to be interviewed by various media, including CNN in Spanish, a program that was broadcast throughout the three Americas and the Caribbean. Orita has sung accompanied by Pablo Valle (quintet) in virtual mode for milongas in Japan where her talent was highly appreciated. She also performed another concert with the Ariel Pirotti Quartet for the Japanese public and has in mind to continue her task of presenting Argentine Tango both in Japan and in other parts of the world. Over the course of this year, she will make her biggest dream come true: to present her first album to the Argentine and foreign public.
Kaori Orita is the owner of an attractive personality. Friendly and surprisingly communicative, she accompanies her conversations with friendly smiles. These qualities, together with the sweetness of her voice, have produced sympathy and love among Tango lovers.



Cristian Lopez &
Naoko Tsutsumizaki

Started full-scale activities as a pair in 2007.
Participated in the World Championships in Buenos Aires from 2009 to 2012, and was a finalist in both the Salon and Stage categories for four consecutive years.
For about two years from 2010, she became a regular dancer at the tangueria "Rojo Tango" at the famous Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He is active not only in Japan, but also in Korea, Indonesia, Europe, Russia, and Latin America.
Her refined dance is well received, and she is well known and has many fans.
Since 2015, he has been based in Tokyo again and opened his own tango salon Buenos Aires in Omotesando.
Recently, he has appeared in musicals and concerts featuring former Takarazuka top stars, and is also active as a choreographer.

[ Main awards ]
• 2008 Japan Open Tango Dance World Championship (Japan) Second place in both salon and stage divisions.
• 2009 Argentine Tango World Championship Asian Tournament (Japan) Salon Division, 1st place.
• 2009: World Championship (Argentina) Stage Division, 3rd place.
• 2010: World Championships (Argentina) 3rd place in both salon and stage categories.
• 2012: Metropolitano MILONGUEROS DEL MUNDO (Argentina) Winner.
■ 2023: World Championship (Argentina) Pista division finalist, 6th place.

Julián Cataño &
Natalia Castaño

They have been a pair since 2018 and are active as performers, instructors, and choreographers.
With over 19 years of experience as a tango dancer and teacher, Julián has won 5th place in the tango stage category at the 2017 World Tango Championships in Buenos Aires, as well as other championships in his home country of Colombia. have.
On the other hand, Natalia has been a tango dancer, choreographer, and instructor for eight years, and has been a member of one of Colombia's top tango companies. She has won the title of champion in numerous competitions.
The two have received acclaim for their high-quality performances on various stages such as Colombia, Argentina, Greece, England, and Scotland.
In 2022, she won the Tango Salon Champion at a competition held in Colombia.
He has been invited to the Ithaca Tango Festival in New York, the Boston Tango Festival, and the Philippine Tango Festival.

Rodrigo Saucedo &
Jésica Gómez

Rodrigo and Jesica are Argentine dancers, born in the interior of the country who have been living in the City of Buenos Aires for several years to study and work with Tango.
Both worked at Casa de Tango, including: El Viejo Almacén, Gala Tango, Ventana Tango, Casablanca, Homero Manzi, Aljibe Tango, Café Tortoni, La Cumparsita, several restaurants in San Telmo and the La Boca neighborhood. They have also participated in different works and independent companies in Caba such as Never Mas, La Clandestina, Gloria Cafe, Tempo Tango, among others, sharing casts with renowned artists.
They are finalists in the Buenos Aires City Championship and World Tango Pista Championship. They have held multiple exhibitions on emblematic dance floors of the Milonga Bonaerense.
Independent dancers, Tango instructors and also as part of a company have toured countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Turkey, China, England, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.
They both share a deep love for Tango and its Culture.

Studio Triangulo

Shinji & Natsune

Shinji lived in Argentina, the home of tango, for more than five years to learn from various Maestros. Also, Natsune started learning Argentinian Tango in her teens. They started working together in 2014. They are both musicians as well as dancers. Shinji is a Tango guitarist and Natsune is a Jazz singer. Their CDs are on sale, and their particular style of music has earned a good reputation. They have performed and run workshops inside and outside Japan. They are getting noticed and have recently been awarded prizes in the competitions listed below.

In 2015, they were runners up in the “Salon Championship of Tango Marathon” in Tokyo.
In 2016, they came 4th in the Stage section of the “Tango World Championship” in Korea.
In 2016, they came 3rd in the Milonga section, and 4th in the Vals section of the “Metropolitan Championship” in Korea.

Leonel & Florencia

Florencia and Leonel are pioneers of the Seoul tango community, having started teaching there since 2005. They organized the annual Seoul Tango Festival for 11 years, which brought many maestros and foreign visitors to Korea. Florencia studied ballet in college. She was a professional performer in musicals for 8 years. In 2004, in the Mundial in Buenos Aires, she won second prize in the stage section. Leonel is originally from Hong Kong. He lived in the US and won first prize at the 2002 USA Tango Championship. Leonel & Florencia have been invited to teach and perform in many cities in Korea and abroad.

Liyan & Daidai

Daidai is the founder of ATer Tango studio, which is the first tango studio in China since 2007. After immersed in Chinese folk dance and Ballroom dance for about twenty years, Daidai has been hooked on Tango and then became a professional tango dancer. She has studied tango from many Maestros in Argentina. Besides teaching tango in many cities in China, she also has been invited to teach in other countries to promote tango. Daidai met Liyan in 2012 and then began their partnership. They organized many tango events in Beijing, including workshop of Argentina Maestros, regular classes, practicas and milongas, as well as some public welfare events, such as teaching the blind children to dance tango. They introduce thousands of people into the world of tango and help them to feel the magic of tango, and also bring people to attend many tango festivals abroad to promote the tango communications among various countries. They won the championship of category “Tango de pista libre” of China in 2017. They have been invited to Sakura Tango Festival for many times since 2015.

Audiovisual materials by

Fundación Internacional Carlos Gardel

The photographs and audiovisual materials of Carlos Gardel used in this performance were provided by the Carlos Gardel International Foundation and used with permission.

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- Lejana tierra mía -

Sunday, March 24th, 2024. (Open: 14:30 / Show starts: 15:00)
Nishitetsu Hall (6º SOLARIA STAGE, 2-11-3 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001)
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This performance is the special project of the 9th Sakura Tango Festival and held from May 21st to 24th, 2024 organized by NPO Tiempo Iberoamericano.

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